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Nov 08, 2013


Soup.... Name me one person who doesn't love soup.... If you know a person who doesn’t like soup "unfriend" them on Facebook and stop all communication as they are too far gone. Today I had a fight with a  very hot (stove hot) batch of tomato soup...... the soup won...The recipe called to purée the soup in a blender after simmering for ten also said very clearly "make sure the soup has cooled before putting it in the blender as hot liquids and blenders don't mix as they have a tendency to blow up  and i mean EVERYWHERE...however today I felt I was the exception....the laws of chemistry were no match for the pressure I was ever so slightly exerting on the lid......let’s just say my new generic pale green t shirt from Joe Fresh is no longer an acceptable choice for work attire....

Halloween has just passed which means its soup season is among us... We are not talking autumn’s weenie cousin "summer" type soups like "chilled tomato" or "gazpacho"   We are talking the real soups.... hardy beef barley, cream of mushroom and soups with potatoes.....ya...and full carrots too and of course from the royal family of soup....chicken soup.... The soup that every single grandma, mother, baba, nana, gammy or in my case "didi" in the world just so happens to have the world’s best recipe for.

I think there is a better chance for world peace in the near future than settling who's grandma has the best chicken soup but one thing we can all agree on is that we love our soup.

So make sure if you have any great soup recipes please let me know as I would like a rematch, but please accentuate and safety instructions I may need to follow. Please and thank you

Practice safe “soup “everyone.


Being the sporting gentlemen that I am do, not hold a grudge against the exceedingly hot batch of tomato soup who ruined my $6 Tshirt.


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